Next must-attend event: Navalia 2018, from the 22nd to the 24th of May

From next Tuesday, 22nd of May, until Thursday 24th, the seventh edition of the International Conference for the Naval Sector, Navalia, will take place in Vigo. Gabadi will not miss this  must-attend event, in which we await your visit at IFEVI (Conference Institute of Vigo), at our booth, D09.

This edition, which, according to the event’s organization information, is expected to be the most successful one up to date, Gabadi will provide the attendants with one unique opportunity: visit a module of submarine S-81 that will include a prototype of one meeting room and one cabin. It is our manner of sharing with you, among others, a small sample of our outfitting job for this complex project. Other of the main aspects about our stand this year is that it will feature some samples of our work on the LNG tanks construction and maintenance line of business.

Navalia, must-attend event for the naval sector in Europe 

Navalia has become in the most important for the naval sector in Spain and it is already amongst the most relevant conferences in Europe.

This edition, which was officially launched last Monday, 14th of May, with the participation of the Galician Minister of Economic Affairs, Employment and Industry, Mr. Francisco Conde, and Vigo’s Major, Mr. Abel Caballero, is expected to receive more than 25,000 professional attendants. There will be more than 600 brands, represented through 400 expositors from 90 countries at the conference precinct.

Gabadi’s team awaits your visit at booth D09.




Gabadi has been granted the National Award El Suplemento, in the category of R+D+i, one more recognition to its evolution, innovative capacity and to the investment performed in the fields of research and development.

Antonio Llago, CEO of the company, was the one to receive the award, yesterday, 11th of May, at the VII Edition of the National Awards El Suplemento, held at Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.

During his speech, Antonio Llago highlighted what an honor it is for a family company as Gabadi to receive this recognition and the motivation it is for the whole team, in order to keep working in the same direction, of continuous investment in research and development, with the objective of contributing with added value and better quality to the products services that we offer to our customers. He thanked the editorial company for having chosen our company for this prize, as well as the team of Gabadi, for its perseverant work to achieve the professional excellence.

At the moment, R+D+i holds a prominent place for Gabadi as a company. For the first time, Gabadi has commercialized its project SIMHO, a system of containerized modular living quarters for offshore platforms, which was launched at our facilities barely one month ago. The company has been awarded its first project in China, for Jiangnan Shipyard, based on the investment made by the company in the LNG sector, and the R+D+i project LNG prototype pack, which has been developed for two years  is now at its final stage, and it will soon get closure for this project, which started in 2016 already. Within this context, Gabadi has received a strong compensation for all its efforts once again, through this recognition.

National Awards El Suplemento

The National Awards El Suplemento, granted by the editorial company El Suplemento, highlight the work carried out by companies and professionals, from totally diverse fields, such as business, science, industrial, arts, journalistic, etc. They were born in 2011 with the objective of publicly recognizing the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in our country. The awards are granted, considering several criteria, such as growth, innovative capacity, internationalization, etc.

This recognition is added to the awards received by Gabadi, and it highlights, once more, its investment in R+D+i and its vision of continuous improvement, which are the key cornerstones for its daily work.




Recognition of prevention

El pasado viernes, 27 de abril, Navantia celebró la III Jornada de Prevención de Riegos Laborales, con motivo del Día Mundial de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo. A dicho evento, acudió nuestro CEO, Antonio Llago, que fue el encargado de recoger el diploma concedido a Gabadi, como reconocimiento a nuestras buenas prácticas en materia preventiva. Para todo nuestro equipo, es un orgullo haber recibido esta distinción, ya que día a día nos esforzamos para ser mejores y aplicar los mayores estándares de seguridad posibles.

Queremos, asimismo, agradecer a Navantia todo lo que nos aportado en este sentido a lo largo de los años, y, en especial, a D. José Ángel Lorenzo Rodríguez, Jefe de Prevención y Medio Ambiente Ría de Ferrol, por ofrecernos su apoyo y colaboración a diario.  Por último, solo nos queda unirnos a su lema: “Ponlo en tu mente, prevención permanente”.


OTC 2018

Today, 30th of April, it is the start of the Offshore Technology Conference Houston 2018,  The team of Gabadi awaits your visit here, until the upcoming 3rd of May. We look forward to seeing you at booth 4273!


Gabadi will build LNG tanks for the Chinese shipyard Jiangnan with a value of 34 million euros

The Galician company Gabadi, with its headquarters in Narón, has just been awarded a contract by the Chinese shipyard, Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd. for the erection of 4 membrane tanks of liquated natural gas (LNG) to be used as a fuel. This was stated by its CEO, Antonio Llago, at a launch ceremony which had been presided by President of the Government of Galicia (Alberto Núñez Feijóo) and which was also attended by the Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment of Galicia (Francisco Conde López) and by the major of Narón (Marián Ferreiro Díaz).

The total value of the contract ascends to 42.1 million dollars (34.2 million euros, considering the current exchange rate) and it is expected to be executed in one year and a half. The agreement has been signed by the shipyard Jiangnan Shipyard of the group CSSC (one of the biggest in China) and Gabadi’s branch company in that country Gabadi Marine Engineering (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., with its headquarters in Shanghai.

Gabadi Marine Engineering (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. will be in charge of the contract execution and, for that purpose, its Galician parent company will mobilize around 70 workers from Galicia to China. As it was pointed out by Antonio Llago during his speech before many attendants, the know-how transfer is one the company’s cornerstones, since it has already experience in this type of projects, all around the world, from Canada to Singapore.

Within the project of China, the construction of a LNG as a fuel membrane tank for the biggest container carrier in the world, of 22,000 TEU, 400 m in length and 60 m in width, must be highlighted for. The most important piece of news is that it is not for LNG transport, but for the LNG to be used as a fuel for the vessel.

This pioneering project (it will be the first containers carrier of this size to use LNG as a fuel) goes ahead the entering into force in 2020 of the new MARPOL Convention, which will imply new regulations regarding the emissions limit for maritime transport, making it compulsory to use fuels with low sulfur values, and, for that purpose, LNG is an ideal solution.

MHOS Project

Other of the news announced by Gabadi is the beginning of the commercial execution of tis MHOS project. It is an innovative system (which required an investment for the prototype of 1.3 million euros), which is the only one in the world, whose main characteristics is that it is more adaptable and efficient for accommodation solutions of offshore structures, such as oil platforms or wind power farms.

Its modular characteristic allows to assemble and dismantle easily accommodation blocks. In this case in particular, it consists of 31 40-feet containers with the capacity to provide accommodation for 180 people at the same time, but it can be adapted to the specific requirements from the client.

70 workers have been involved in the design and construction of the MHOS project execution, including different types of professional profiles, such as carpenters, welders, engineers or plumbers. More than 10 Galician and foreign companies have been coordinated to execute this work, what has been an impulse for the region’s activity sector and which has made it possible to perform offshore constructions outside of a shipyard. 

The first destination of these modular living quarters has been a platform from the Gulf of Mexico, but Gabadi is already performing studies for sending it and use them in other locations, such as Batam in Indonesia.

80% of Gabadi’s activity is already international

Gabadi was founded in 1989 and it has gone from being a small family company, which used to repair furniture for the naval sector, to become the most important company within the gas carrier tanks maintenance. Currently, Gabadi has 172 staff members only in Spain and 2017 ended with more than 18 million of income.

The company has activity and commercial presence in 11 countries, including some global great world powers, such as the USA, China, Canada or South Korea. The business diversification and new markets search have been the key for the company’s evolution within the last four years, during which it went from 95% of its income being of national projects nature, to closing 2017 with 80% being originated in projects abroad.

Gabadi seals a new alliance, which paves the way to the naval leading world power

The company signed an agreement with the Korean enterprise Hankuk Carbon, for the gas carriers sector

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Antonio Jose Llago Hermida – CEO, Gabadi


Antonio Jose Llago Hermida, CEO of naval outfitting specialists Gabadi, discusses capitalizing on opportunities in LNG, the company’s recent Joint Ventures in China and Singapore, its outstanding partnership with French GTT, and the uncertainty around clean energy regulations.

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lng1GABADI S.L. has the honor of having been awarded a new and exciting project for the maintenance and repair of cargo tanks of a LNG carrier. This project, which will be executed at the Keppel Shipyard located in Singapore and will last approximately 5 months, involves another challenge for the maintenance of cryogenic tanks with the technology NO96.
GABADI S.L. has broad experience in the development of this type of projects, including a similar repair project which was completed two years ago at the shipyard NAVANTIA Ría de Ferrol – Fene. This project has been the most significant one, when dealing with this type of vessel and technology, as of today.
For that reason, Keppel shipyard relies on the expertise and professionalism of the company located in Narón, already used to performing works of this nature abroad. Therefore, it is already familiar with needs of material and equipment transport, personnel allocation and previous analysis, which must be arranged before their execution. When facing projects like this one, the logistics and timing control are a key aspect, in order to be successful, in regard to the deadlines compliance and the company has gained a significant recognition for these aspects, not only from shipyards, but also from owners.
lng2The preparation of this project has already taken some months, due to all the efforts which are necessary to coordinate all the resources, both material and manpower ones, and to the urgency to develop the analysis and estimations that are compulsory to be done at the preliminary stage, to ensure the appropriate development of the project. For this reason, a team of around fifteen people has been sent to perform the prior development. Their work will be the necessary base to have the possibility of starting the execution of the works. During the project performance, sixty workers will be transferred to the country where the works will be executed, Singapore. Among this personnel, there will be carpenters, welders, technicians and installers. Apart from that, technical support will be provided from the headquarter located in Polígono Industrial Río do Pozo. Likewise, SSB, a local company, with which Gabadi has a Joint Venture, will also participate in the project.
This project is expected to reaffirm and consolidate, once and for all, GABADI S.L. as a leader in the field of membrane tanks maintenance for LNGC vessels, as well as its presence in Southeast Asia. At the moment, there is a team of 40 people working at another membrane tanks project of MARK III technology this time, which is being performed in Malaysia and will end by the end of the summer.
Nowadays, Gabadi has over 60 members of its staff working abroad, in Canada, Ecuador, Malaysia, Switzerland and Singapore. Forecasts indicate that, by the end of the year, this number will increase and surpass the 100 workers.

Gabadi SHANGHAI open Ceremony

The Spanish Company Gabadi S.L. and Chinese partner AojiHeng Offshore Engineering (AJH) have inaugurated their Joint Venture (JV) “Gabadi Marine Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd”, today in Pudong, Shanghai.

GABADI is the first membrane tank outfitter licensed by GTT. Gabadi has a rich experience in procurement and installation of both GTT NO and Mark type membrane systems.  Gabadi is keen to enter into the Chinese market and contribute to the development of the LNG retail shipping and the gas fueled ships with Chinese shipyards.

AJH is a reputable Chinese outfitter already present in the shipbuilding industry.  AJH is focusing on new trends in shipbuilding technologies and wants to stay at the forefront by taking a leading role in the promising LNG as fuel area.

Antonio Jose Llago Hermida, CEO of Gabadi and Chairman of the JV, said at the occasion: “Gabadi Marine Engineering will greatly enhance the competitiveness of Chinese shipyards in building gas fueled ships and small/mid-scale LNG carriers by implementing the competitive GTT LNG tank technologies in its role as an outfitter”

“We believe that outfitting is the most suitable business model for most Chinese shipyards, who wish to risk less investment as they step into the new environmentally friendly shipbuilding business” said Sam Xin, founder of AJH and Vice Chairman of Gabadi China.

Representatives from various companies in the LNG industry attended the opening ceremony, including the technology Licensor, GTT China.  Adnan Ezzarhouni, General Manager of GTT China, said: “There is a clear market demand in China for the construction of GTT membrane tanks. GTT is pleased to see Gabadi investing in China in order to support the market demand and offer a one-stop-shop solution for the shipyards”.

About Gabadi

Gabadi is a Spanish Company with more than 25 years of experience in “Outfitting”. It is specialized in Membrane tanks erection, being the first company which is not a shipyard to have the License of GTT, to execute this type of project. It counts with subsidiaries and branch offices over 10 countries and with expertise in technology transfer, having established Joint Ventures in various countries, such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, and now China. Gabadi has been awarded several prizes for its internationalization and safety system. Gabadi allocates over 5% of its budged to Research and Development.

About AojiHeng Offshore

AJH (Shanghai Aojiheng Offshore Engineering Technology Service Co.,Ltd) is an engineering and outfitting technology service company in China, experienced in shipbuilding technology. AJH supports various ship-owners and Chinese shipyards. Focused on LNG industry many years ago, AJH has already been awarded Approval in Principle by Bureau Veritas (BV) for the design of the LNG FGSS (Fuel Gas Supply System) using Membrane tank.

About GTT

GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) is an engineering company expert in containment systems with cryogenic membranes used to transport and store liquefied gas, in particular LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). For over 50 years, GTT has been maintaining reliable relationships with all stakeholders of the gas industry (shipyards, shipowners, gas companies, terminal operators, classification societies). The company designs and provides technologies which combine operational efficiency and safety, to equip LNG carriers, floating terminals, and multi-gas carriers. GTT also develops solutions dedicated to land storage and to the use of LNG as fuel for the vessel propulsion, as well as a full range of services.

GTT is listed on Euronext Paris, Compartment A (ISIN FR0011726835 Euronext Paris: GTT) and is notably included in SBF 120 and MSCI Small Cap indices. For more information, visit

Innovative Youth Employment

The Company GABADI, S.L. Participates in the Program to promote the recruitment of technical personnel to carry out I+D+i activities in companies and of Research Agency in Galicia “PRINCIPAL PROGRAM” – Call for proposals 2016