We meet the most demanding standards

Our beginnings in the sector are connected with the Marine Outfitting. Accordingly, even though we provide a comprehensive service, we cannot ignore customers who, like us, aim to make life at sea more pleasant.
From furniture and equipment manufacture, both in wood and metal, to a turnkey project of complete marine outfitting, the customers are always our priority and in this way we are heavily involved in meeting their requirements.

Our project is based on providing customer counseling, offering tailor made engineering solutions according to requirements, required technical tests and series production for delivery. All this is achieved in a very short period of time and ensuring traceability over the whole process.

Flexibility is another of our strengths. We have design CAD, CAM, CAE software, which makes it possible integrate design into manufacturing and thus there is a constant feedback, allowing us to optimize costs and time according to customer requirements.

Principal Projects

  • Aluminium catamarans Angola 36m (2ships)
  • Aluminium catamarans Angola 30m (2ships)
  • Dredge shipyards Murueta (C-292, 293 & 294)
  • Tuna fishing boat armador UGAVI
  • Tuna fishing boat armador ATUNCASA


The furniture that we do is based on the concept “Tailor-made”, it is the client that marks its characteristics and us that designs them based on this and at a quality standard and durability.

Made in woods with technical type, or in diverse Metallic materials have had their use in places so remote such as Australia, Colombia, Canada or USA, and of course without taking into account the old Europe.

Wooden furniture

Gabadi has started many years ago with the production of wooden furniture, noble o técnica. noble or technical. With requirements of Fire Energy, or without them.

This has allowed us to make a complete satisfying of the client Cabins or Ferry Receptions, the office of an Admiral or the bridge of Government of a Dredge.

We offer an extensive range of furniture, , from covered plywood boards or plated up to Noble Woods. All of this certified with the compliance of IMO-SOLAS

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Metal furniture

We work many types of Metallic Materials, such as Aluminium’s of diverse Alloys, stainless steel for use in damp spaces and of Feeding. Galvanized Steel to guarantee durability.

And in these types of finishing’s they are so varied such as HPL, PVC, Paint, Corian, Etc. All of it obeying the technical requirements of our Client, from a Shock test to a Low Flame Spread according to the regulation IMO.

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Gabadi has developed an assembly system of diverse panels with Box & Box systems that assure no propagation of sound or vibrations with the end to fulfil the regulations IMO and ILO.

They count themselves with the knowledge of Isonell products that the Department R&D shares.


Gabadi assures an easy and quick installation, economical and of high quality of the different type of self-supporting ceilings of the brand ISONELL or other brands, both in conventional ships, offshore or Military.


Gabadi as specialized fitters in rooms with turnkey, guarantees the perfect assembly of the different types of doors type ISONELL or other brands, such as Class A, Class B or Class C.


As a complement inside the accommodation, Gabadi contributes to the assembly of floating floors type ISONELL and other brands, such as the different subflooring’s of the house Sikafloor®, according to the requirements of the ship, both Acoustic as fire, with different types of finishing’s in floorings, Ceramic, Vinyl, linoleum, Buttoned rubber, Epoxy Floors, etc.

Other services

Gabadi assures a room with turnkey including as a complement the installation of different systems inside the accommodation, from lighting and electricity up to different services of plumbing such as sanitary unloading, ACS, HVAC etc.